Consult is a 2-3 hour consulting session conducted through a videoconference or conference call used to lay the groundwork for Ignition.  This session will focus on mentor recruitment, scheduling, and more.


 Synergize is the kick-off to a great Ignition program. This interactive leadership development experience focuses on: teambuilding, understanding mentorship, committee formation, and facilitation training. This day will also focus on learning to safely facilitate the adventure course.


Refresh is a recommended work day that takes place about a week before Ignite. The goal is to make sure that mentors have fulfilled their committee responsibilities over the summer and are ready for the arrival of new students.


The big day! Ignite focuses on making the transition experience a positive one right from the start. Mentors will arrive early to prepare for the day’s events. New students are welcomed to your school by enthusiastic mentors and the staff. Throughout the day, students will be mentally and physically engaged in a variety of teambuilding, challenge management, and leadership development activities. They will connect with other new students, an upperclassman, and the school as a whole by the time they leave.


Fuel activities are designed to last approximately 30 minutes each and include a short activity and follow up discussion. Mentors will have all of the resources they need to facilitate these activities. Mentors will also provide peer to peer guidance related to college and career exploration, academic success, and more. It is recommended that mentors meet twice per month for the first semester and once per month second semester with their team of mentees to talk with them about important issues.