This was by far, the best thing we have ever done to welcome freshmen into our building.
— Principal, Fond du Lac High School

Ignition has a track record of success in schools of all kinds across the USA. Here is a sample of the impact reported by schools:

  • Participation in school-related activities up 30%

  • 75% decrease in habitual truancy

  • 29% fewer suspensions

  • Decreased failure rate in 10 of 11 courses

  • Freshman class GPA – 1/4 point overall increase

  • 50% decrease in drop-outs

  • 70% reduction in referrals

The Ignition program has created a sustainable orientation, transition and peer mentorship program for all of the high schools in the district. The consulting and connection FOCUS has created within all of our schools is much more than we could have expected!
— Assistant Superintendent, Fairbanks Schools